Wareware no 2

Ver wareware no 2 online pelicula completa – Commemorating the 700th anniversary of Dante's death, the film is a reinterpretation of Dante and Beatrice's reunion story, from "Vita Nova" to the three parts of the "Divine Comedy" (Hell, Purgatory and Heaven). Where are we, young people, now? Where should we go? Since 2020, it has become clear that young people are free to choose anything. We can even choose to live or die. The new world is coming. Let's jump into it with love for ourselves and for others.

Género: Animación


Director: Koji Yamamura

País: Japan

Titulo original: Wareware no 2

Duración: 6 min.

Calidad: HD

Año: 2021

imdb rating 6